Feb 20 | Christina + James

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Christina & James are so sweet and are so very much in love. You can tell by the way James looks at Christina that he adores her. Christina contacted me and asked me to do an e-session for them because they were getting married in two weeks! She warned me that they would be difficult to photograph. She expressed her concern about their physical differences and was doubtful that I would want to take on a such a challenge. Needless to say I jumped at the chance because I wanted to show Christina that she is beautiful no matter what.

Feb 13 | Shannon + Rob

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What can I say about these two other than they are a gorgeous couple and made my job way too easy. They were up for anything, did all the crazy poses I suggested and were up for relocating to my favorite location...train tracks! These abandoned train tracks were located near my home and the light was just fantastic! 

Feb 19 | Baby Emmitt

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Alex gave birth to Baby Emmitt 12 days ago! Emmitt has a full head of hair and is so beautiful just like his parents, Alex & Ernie. At such a tender age, Emmitt was already moving around, and curious about his new world. He was definitely observing his new surrounding during the shoot. But while in his father's arms, he fell asleep, safe and sound....'til I wanted to shift him into a new pose. 

Jan 30 | Sheila + Andre

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After my photo session with Sheila, it was her turn the next Saturday with her handsome son Andre! We went to the Arboretum of CSU Fullerton. This is such an amazing location. I graduated from here, but I never once stepped into the arboretum until today! The light you get from this magical location is a photographer's dream. I hope I did you and your son justice Sheila! XO