Mar 13 | Sarah + Daniel

3/15/11 | |

I just adore this couple. Sarah and Daniel are fun, energetic, and so sweet together. Sarah told me that she has always dreamed of doing an e-session on the beach. I couldn't turn her down so I drove one hour from Orange County to make her dream come true. Here's a sneak peak! Enjoy!

Mar 12 | A Star is Born!

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Need I say more? Full post to come!

Mar 12 | Elaine Tee

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I must admit I am so blessed. Someone up there is really looking out for me. Lately I have been so fortunate to meet such wonderful people and Elaine is definitely one of them! I met Elaine, a fellow photographer, from a forum we both visit. Elaine is so adorable and is a talented photographer and interior designer! Upon our first meeting, we just hit it off! Here's a quick preview of our session together. 

Mar 6 | Montalvo Family

3/6/11 | |

The Montalvo family...more to come.