A Reminder of My Spanish Vacation

4/13/11 | |

I recently returned from a trip to Spain where I visited Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid (post on all pictures coming up within the next few weeks). I had the best time of my life thus far! The country is absolutely beautiful. Spain is definitely for artists or anyone who admires art. Everything is designed from the street lamps, to the tiles on the sidewalk, to the front doors of all the buildings and even the keys!

In our hostel in Madrid, my friend and I flipped on the television and MTV Espana came on. A video by Ricky Martin just started to play. The music, melody, song was so uplifting it filled my soul! That song stuck with me through the last leg of our trip. When I got home, I searched for it on youtube and when I saw the video and heard it again, it immediately transported me back to our hostel in Madrid. Enjoy watching this video. I hope it fills your soul and lifts your spirit as much as it did mine. 


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