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As I've mentioned in a previous post, I recently returned from an amazing, eye-opening, life changing, awe inspiring trip from Spain. I must be honest, Spain was never a priority for me. I never had an urge to visit it, see it, experience it; however, it was a destination that all my friends wanted to visit. The cities that I most wanted to visit was Paris or Rome. 

So why Spain? Well, to be quite honest, it was the cheapest airfare compared to the other options we had. LOL. But Spain did not disappoint! The country is full of eye candy, beautiful architecture, art, people. The food was extraordinarily delicious as well. I can still taste the cafe con leche, the paella, the calamari sandwich....Spain left a positive impression on me and I can't wait to go back. For now I leave you with a few glimpses of our first afternoon in Barcelona.


Laura said...

Kris, I would love to know what the name of the landmarks are in your photos. Especially the first one.

That's funny that you chose your destination according to the cheapest airfare.

The number one destination on my list is Egypt. Second is Australia. After that it's a free for all. Ha-ha!

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